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Traffic Offenses: Why it Helps to Enlist an Attorney

In case you receive a ticket for any driving offense in Fairfax, the right legal process and a fair day in court are your rights. Speeding, DWI, and hit and run are charges that can have far-reaching ramifications, requiring that you handle them with the same gravity as you would much bigger violations. It helps to engage a traffic ticket lawyer Fairfax County provides if accused of such violations for help coming up with a viable court defense or plea bargain toward limiting the severity of any potential conviction and sentencing.

Investigating the Case

Your criminal defense attorney will look into the accusations against you, some of which may not stand the test of legal scrutiny in the final analysis. The lawyer examines the circumstances leading up to the evidence, ascertaining the protection of your rights and your proper treatment. If the police violated your rights, your attorney may contest all charges, leading to dismissal or reduction.

Trial and Sentencing

If the case goes to trial, there are so many possible outcomes for the accused, so it’s important to look at all scenarios before devising a defense strategy. A plea deal is an alternative you may want to consider. With that option, you reach a deal with the prosecutor whereby you agree to plead guilty to one or more charges in return for certain concessions from the prosecution, such as a more lenient sentence or elimination of some charges. Based on what in particular a traffic offender is being accused of, a compromise may yield community service, a shorter stint behind bars, charges set aside, or fines suspension. It’s also possible to have your driving privileges restricted.

It’s extremely vital to engage a traffic ticket lawyer Fairfax County presents traffic offenders seeing as the experts can thoroughly investigate the specific offenses with a view to preparing legal solutions that are the best for your case. Maybe you’re accused of DUI, DWI, speeding, or careless driving in Fairfax, you can trust a criminal defense to walk hand in hand with the prosecution to get the most beneficial sentence viable.

Clearing Your Traffic Record

If found guilty and your driving license is suspended, there are ways to lift the temporary ban, reclaiming your driving privileges. This is also where an attorney prepares a logical assessment to convince the relevant authorities to reinstate your license. Additionally, request your attorney to see if it’s possible to have expunged any records of your traffic offenses, avoiding public scrutiny, such as where your charges were set aside, struck out, or fulfilled in any plea agreement such as community service.

Let a criminal defense attorney in Fairfax County expertly handle your driving offense case.

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