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A Practical Guide to Selecting Your Van Seat Covers

Seat covers for vans are an effective way to protect the seats from dirt and wear and tear. However, seat covers are made in a broad spectrum of trends, materials, and costs, presenting unlimited alternatives from which it may be confusing to pick what’s excellent for your van. When you know what’s important to you, in terms of issues like airbag safety, seat design, and custom requirements, choosing commercial seat covers won’t be hard anymore.

Here are useful tips to help you select van seat covers that carry the most important qualities:

The Question of Water-Resistance

There are both waterproof and non-waterproof van seat covers. With waterproof covers, you can wipe off any dampness and dry it reasonably fast without necessarily washing it. Yet, you need to take time vetting your water-resistant seat cover considering that fabrics like nylon may not last very long. You may consider canvas especially when waterproofed because it’s recognized for its durability on seat covers.

Custom Design

Various commercial van models differ when it comes to seat design, making it important to inquire about personalized design as you buy any Citroen Berlingo seat covers. Before shopping, you need to look at how your van seats are designed and determine if you should make provisions for aspects like armrests, headrests, knobs, as well as levers. In case any armrests are upholstered, these will certainly fall under the seat cover. Yet, leave out plastic armrests in seat cover design since these can simply be wiped clean when dirty.

There are numerous headrest designs, including fixed as well as adjustable ones, and that’s a matter that’s usually assessed before seat cover design. The cover seat design should consider the headrest in some fashion, whether by covering it or including an opening through which the headrest can fit. The other aspect of custom van seat cover design is related to personal preferences, such as color and patterns.

Seats With Airbags

For van seats that have airbags to the side, start by inquiring if the creator of your preferred seat covers is able to design the right fit for those. Seat covers may be made to provide for airbag deployment, making their application very secure. In that case, the cover’s side seams will split open if an airbag is deployed following crash impact. In fact, a supplier may refuse your request until you’re able to give specific details for any existing side airbags on your van seats.

Whatever your preferences when buying seat covers for vans, pick a set that’s designed for your particular car seats. Likewise, insist that the cover seats you want are airbag-friendly.

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